Custom Patches

Northwest Novelty Products designs and manufactures custom patches & embroidered emblems for a wide range of businesses, organizations, government agencies and the military as well as scouting events, motorcycle clubs, uniform name patches, varsity and Letterman chenille patches and sports organizations. Our company has been designing and manufacturing embroidered patches for over 10 years, and our attention to detail and quality is second to none. When you need a high quality manufacturer, you can trust in Custom Patches HQ to make your next custom embroidered patch project easy and enjoyable. Whether you need as few as 10, or as many as 500,000, we have the experience and and capability to ensure that your order is handled with the utmost attention to detail and professional approach. Whether you need custom military patches for your unit, biker patches for your motorcycle club, scouting patches or any type of embroidered emblems in between, we have you covered. Customers trust our company because we provide excellent customer service and use the latest equipment and technology to design and manufacture the highest quality products that money can buy. Custom Patches are beneficial to nearly any industry or type of organization whether used as a promotional product, branding item, apparel enhancement or collectible. They are a staple to the clothing and garment industry. To get a FREE quote now, fill out the quote form below and one of our sales team members will contact you very soon with a price for your patch order. You can also check out our post on 6 Popular Ways People Are Using Custom Patches.

Lowest Prices

Want To Save 5-15% Off The Lowest Price Around?

We offer a no-frills 5-15% pricing guarantee. We will beat ANY competitors’ pricing by at least 5%. If you find a price lower than you see on our website or receive from us in a written quote, just let us know. We offer the exact same quality and workmanship as any patch suppliers online at much lower prices. We will beat all competitive price quotes on custom patches no matter what the quantity, size or where you’re shipping. Even if you are looking for single custom patches we may be able to help. Email Us today or Get a Free Quote Now.

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Benefits of Ordering Custom Patches

  • Fast Delivery – 3-5 Day Manufacturing Time.
  • Lowest Prices – Found a Better deal? We Will Beat it
  • Customer Service – We Always Stand Behind our Custom Patches.
  • High Quality Patches – Industry Standard Materials and Superb Craftsmanship.
  • Free Priority Air Shipping – Included With Every Order.
  • FREE Artwork – We Design Your Patches Free of Charge

Custom Options & Upgrade Choices

We offer several backings for patches and attachments including iron-on, Velcro and self-adhesive (peel and stick). You also have the option of adding metallic threads for a unique finish.

Normal delivery time for most custom patches is 7-10 business days from the time your order is placed. Specialty orders such as sizes larger than 12 inches, or orders that contain more than 8 thread colors may take additional production time. If you need us to rush the production of your order, we offer a rush option absolutely free of charge. You can trust us to be your dependable patch maker and make it happen. Please email us with questions.

Measuring Your Design For an Accurate Price Quote

The size of custom patches are calculated by adding the height and width (height + width) and then dividing that number by 2. For example: a 4″ x 6″ patch would be equivalent to 5″ in our price list. Be sure to use this equation when completing our quote form for pricing accuracy. If you need help determining the size of your patches we will be happy to help you and are just an email away.

Professional Supplier

How Our Manufacturing Process Works

We use the latest up to date and state-of-the-art embroidery machines that achieve tight stitching and the sharpest detail available with traditional embroidery. Our high quality thread materials combined with our advanced embroidery machines ensures that your order comes out with the highest embroidery detail possible. Even small text is possible in many cases, and our design professionals will assist you in achieving the maximum level of detail in your design. In addition to the best equipment, our embroidery operators and technicians have over a decade of experience in creating custom patches and are here to provide their expertise for your order.

You Won’t Pay Less for Custom Patches Anywhere Else

At NNP Company we want to be sure that our customers are happy with their buying experience from start to finish. This includes the original response you receive from us to the delivery time in which your order takes. We believe that low pricing can be parallel with high quality products and service and we want to prove that to you. That is why we will beat ANY competitors’ price for the same size,embroidery percentage & backing patch order by 5-15%. Want to take advantage of this amazing offer on our cheap custom patches? Just submit a quote request and provide us with the URL address of the competitor’s website so that we can review the pricing you are seeing. Once we review and verify the pricing we will send you our bottom line pricing and you get the satisfaction of getting the very best deal for your money… All without sacrificing product quality or customer service.

Embroidered Products

The Difference is in The Details

High quality custom patches begin with a great design. That’s why we consult each one of our customers on any changes or improvements in their patch design in order to reach maximum design sharpness and clarity. Our team of professional embroidery designers is here to offer you their undivided attention to make sure that your order will turn out looking great no matter how simple or complex your design might be. Have questions about design? That’s what we’re here for: Simply contact us today and we will take care of anything you need from start to finish.

Your Custom Made Patches Will Be:
  • Custom Designed For You
  • Made From the Highest Quality Materials
  • Backed by Our Quality Guarantee
  • Manufactured in 10 Days or Less
  • Priority Air Shipped
  • Awesome Looking

FREE Professional Design

We understand that not everyone is a professional embroidery designer, and that’s why we provide complimentary patch design services for every order we handle. No matter what the size or complexity of your design, our designers are here to serve you until you are completely satisfied with your patch design. We will provide an unlimited number of digital renderings for your review until your design meets your approval. Our designers begin with your ideas or sketch, and from scratch they will develop a high resolution master design from which your order will be manufactured. Need multiple designs? We’ve got you covered there as well, we specialize in handling multiple designs for orders of patches and can accommodate any need you might have.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We believe that high quality customized patches don’t have to cost a premium. That is why we guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. If you find a lower price, we will beat that price by 10%, every time. Guaranteed. Just email us to find out more.

What Industries Do We Serve?

The number of industries that purchase and use custom patches is vast . Take a look at some of the different types of organizations that trust NNP to provide their custom products below:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Marines
  • U.S. Military (acu, digital camo, subdued)
  • Custom motorcycle patches and Biker Patches(rockers, vests, MC)
  • Universities and Schools
  • Boy Scouts of America (Jamboree, banquets, field trips, derbies and council activities)
  • Girls Scouts of America (Camporee, Daddy Daughter dances)
  • Clothing Branding (sew on, iron on, logo patches, applique)
  • Space programs
  • Sports Teams (soccer, football, futbol, baseball, basketball, hockey,)
  • Martial Arts
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Bags, Back Packs, Luggage
  • Memorial
  • Auto and Car Clubs
  • Marathons and Charity Events
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • EMT (emergency, rescue)
  • Social Groups
  • Membership Societies
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Fire Department Patches
  • Medical & Hospital
  • Nursing
  • Physicians & Medical Doctors
  • Laboratory Coats

Cheap Custom Embroidered Patches

Low pricing doesn’t have to mean low quality. We offer affordable pricing on the same high quality custom made patches you get from higher priced manufacturers. Our products feature the same high quality threads, mesh twill materials and workmanship at significantly lower prices that most other suppliers. In addition, our team of sales associates and designers is here to serve you from start to finish with anything you might need to make sure you have the best ordering experience possible. We strive for 5 stars, and we don’t think you should have to pay more to receive the attention to detail you deserve.

FREE Rush Service

Some custom patch companies use unsavory tactics to deliver orders slower in order to make higher profits. They also charge extra to deliver patches within a certain period of time. This can result in being misled to think you’re receiving your order in 2 weeks, but actually don’t get them for 30 days or more. At NNP we deliver EVERY order in 5-10 days and we offer rush services free of charge. So the next time you need to receive them in 1-2 weeks instead of a month, let NNP show you how much easier it is to work with a company that operates in a truly up-front fashion without any gimmicks, games or sales tactics.

Low Minimum Quantities & Great Customer Service

We understand that not every project will require the need for 100 or more. That is why we offer the option of ordering as few as 10 custom designed and manufactured badges for whatever your need might be. The same high quality materials and process we use to create larger orders is used for your smaller orders, resulting in great looking products at a great low price. We can even create large patches of 8-12 inches in diameter at these lower quantities, and you can select between your choice of custom backings as well. We also still offer completely free design, free shipping and free setup for your first design on all orders. So the next time you are considering custom embroidery and encounter high minimums, contact NNP today. We can handle all of your needs; large or small.

Easy Ordering

Our ordering process is easy and straightforward. Just begin by submitting a Quote Request and one of our representatives will get back to you quickly with the pricing information you need. Along with your pricing you will also receive a digital rendering (proof) of your exact patch design. This design proof will be made by a professional embroidery designer according to the specifications you provide at the time your quote request is submitted. Our quick and easy quote form also allows you to upload a file to use as your patch design if you already have one.

Once you have inspected the design proof, we allow you to submit as many change requests (revisions) as needed until the design proof is ready for final production of your order. Once the design is approved, your patches move into the production phase and you can expect to receive them in just 5-10 days after your order is placed.

Let Us Do the Work For You

The only thing we require of you is submission of your request and unfinished design. Anything from napkin sketches to legal paper drawings are happily accepted and we will take care of the rest of the design process for you. We can even work straight from a typed out or hand-written idea to create a stunning full-color rendering of your final patch design for your approval. Any changes to the design are also entirely handled by our design staff and require little more than you just sending a quick email to us telling us what you would like to see modified and we will quickly send back an updated design (we do this absolutely FREE). So the next time you need it done right, why look anywhere else? Low Prices, Free Design, Free Shipping and more. So, if you are looking for the best deal, there’s no need to look any further.

Years of Experience Leads to an Appreciation for Our Customers

No matter what the item…experience can often make the difference between satisfaction and disaster. When it comes to customized patches, you should be able to trust a professional supplier with years of industry experience and professional expertise to design and manufacture yours. NNP has been in the embroidery and apparel business for over 10 years, and we know what it takes to make your purchasing experience smooth and enjoyable. Over the years we have perfected our craft in order to become one of the leading US suppliers of embroidered badges and patches and we stand beside our commitment to product and service excellence. More importantly; we have years of experience in the customer service business. This has allowed us to truly fine tune our appreciation for our customers and we never take you for granted. Each customer that contacts us is of utmost importance no matter what the quantity or the question. Our representatives are our family just as our customers are and you will be treated in just that fashion. It is our promise to you to thank you for choosing us and allowing us to show you the high level of service you deserve.

What Makes Patches a Great Promotional Giveaway?

Patches are an ideal promotional gift for a myriad of reasons. In the industry or promotional items, it is a well-known fact that a wearable (any item that is intended to be worn, adorned or otherwise placed on garments, or hat patches) are the most effective type of promotional product, hands down. The popularity and appeal of wearable items is huge and growing every day.

They offer a unique approach to the world of customize apparel because they are portable, transferable and much more customizable than most promotional clothing. For example: You can buy a custom t-shirt with your logo embroidered on it, but the t-shirt is still what is considered to be a “stock item”; meaning that it is essentially the same as all of the other shirts, perhaps in a different color. Patches on the other hand are 100% customizable and are created in a one-off fashion where the patch does not even exist until your design is created. This unique level of customization makes them highly sought after and an extremely flexible and powerful promotional product for any type of organization or business.

Sports Jerseys and Team Uniforms

Custom Patches have long been used to brand sports jerseys and team uniforms ranging from soccer (or futbol) teams to basketball teams, baseball, softball, hockey, tennis, football and more.

Patches in soccer, or European football are extremely popular and designate a teams’ origins and league affiliations. Hockey jerseys are also commonly decorated with custom embroidered patches. Sports teams commonly use shirts and clothing for merchandising purposes, and often times the revenues generate by these uses outweighs the revenues generated by games and all other sporting events.

Martial Arts Custom Patches

We have been designing and manufacturing personalized martial arts custom patches for as long as we’ve been in business. We’ve provided hundreds of thousands for dojos and martial arts organizations around the world. Whether you are in need of arm band patches, shoulder, chest or large format back logos for Gis, we can provide design services and deliver your custom made karate, judo, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Hapkido patches fast.

Resources and Information

We try our best to make our website as informative and useful as possible when it comes to making a decision to place an order with NNP Company. Check out some of the links below to learn more about the services we provide and how they can be used for your purpose.

When it comes to embroidered badges and emblems, nobody does them better, or cheaper than NNP. We’ve been in the embroidery and custom patches business for over 15 years and you can trust our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality embroidery work, the most advanced patch design services, the lowest prices, and the fastest turnaround times in the business.

The Creation Process

The process behind creating patches begins with a design. An embroidered patch design is created using computer software by our professional patch designers. This usually consists of vector graphics software, image and photo-editing software and production software.

The design process is very detailed, and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours or days depending on the complexity of your design. Each order we produce is made from a design we create from scratch just for you.

Once the design is completed and has been approved, it is sent to our production department for review and digitizing. We review the design to determine if any last minute changes are needed in order to meet the strict manufacturing standard, then it is off to the digitizing department.

In the digitizing phase, your design is converted into a machine-ready file that translates exact stitching patterns to our embroidery machines. This gives each embroidery machine a pattern to follow for each individual thread color, to ensure optimal stitching tightness and quality. The digitizing process is where the quality is determined. A low quality digitized image will lead to a lose thread pattern, making your patches look fuzzy and unfinished. We optimize your digitized file to provide maximum thread density for a high quality end product.

Once the digitizing step is complete, we load the digitized file onto the embroidery machine array, and begin stitching your custom patches design into fabric. A mesh fabric material is used as a base to stitch onto. Each color is stitched individually.

When the embroidery process is complete, which can take several days for most orders, your order then moves into the finishing and backing phase of the manufacturing process. Here, your patches will receive either a merrow (threader) or heat-cut border (hot-knife seared) depending on your specifications. Once the border is finished, the backing of your choice is applied…these include custom iron-on patches, self-adhesive, PVC, velcro and plain. We then individually pack each patch into a plastic bag, and they are then bulk packed in groups of 50 or 100 per larger bag until your entire order quantity is packaged. After final wrapping and packaging your order is shipped to you to enjoy.

To begin your order of custom patches, your patch design is created using specialized software which makes it compatible with commercial embroidery machines, and increases stitching accuracy. Once your design is downloaded into the embroidery software, the embroidery machines are calibrated and prepared for the run.

Once the machines have been properly configured and set up with your design, they operate in tandem (often 20 to 30 embroidery machines at a time stitching the same patch design) to start sewing your patch. At the beginning of the process, each embroidery machine has been threaded with the appropriate thread colors that are used in your design. This is done specifically for your design, and changed out for each individual embroidery run.

Once stitching has begun, your design begins to take shape as each thread color is stitched into the backing, or supporting material often called a mesh or a twill. This twill mesh provides a solid foundation upon which your patch design is sewn, and is akin to denim or light fabric for added rigidity. The embroidery machines continue stitching out your patch design until each individual patch is complete, and then moves on to the next patch until the total quantity of your order is complete.

Once finished with the stitching process, a large sheet of twill material is cut and removed from the embroidery platform for finishing. Each large sheet will contain several, and all combined equal the total quantity in your order. Next, the large sheets will move on to the finishing area, where the individual patches are cut out of the larger sheet by hand using precision cutting tools to make sure they are cut into the precise shape of your design.

After being cut out, they will move into the edge finishing area, in which they will receive one of two types of edges, or borders. The first and most common type of edge will be a merrow, also called a hand-stitched edge. They will be run through an edging machine which will apply a merrow border to the outside edge of your patch design. The alternative type of edge is the heat-cut edge, which is created using a hot wand, similar to a soldering iron to singe the edges of the thread materials together so they do not fray.

After border edging is completed, the final backing will be applied. The available backings are plastic, plain, Velcro, and iron-on. Once the backing is applied, your patches are then packaged in plastic bags, boxed and prepared for shipping.

Add These Options to Customize Your Order

Neon Threads: Add $0.10 per color per patch
Metallic Threads (Gold/Silver): Add $0.35 per patch
Button Loop (Popular with Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts): $0.10 per patch
Additional Standard Thread Colors (8 colors included): $0.10 per color

Patches As Promotional Product

While there are a seemingly unlimited number of uses for patches from a practical perspective, they also hold high value as a promotional or marketing tool when used in the right way. Patches can be seen as a way to convey or spread a message, leading to heightened awareness of a brand, product or service. Just as many other promotional items are imprinted with a company logo, they can be used in the exact same way and offers businesses a vehicle to show off and bring increased awareness to their brand or product offerings. Not only do custom patches provide a means in which to print a logo or message, they offer a way to make that message stick, since many patches are applied to clothing and worn frequently, increasing the exposure of your message in a socially intriguing way. People will ask about the patch, and its meanings or origins which directly leads to consumer interest in your product. One of the most important ways of generating business in nearly any market segment is through word of mouth and provide a truly valuable asset for doing that for your corporate identity.

So the next time you are seeking new ways to bring new customers to your office, generate more incoming phone calls and e-mail leads… be sure to take advantage of the marketing opportunities custom patches can provide.